2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher (A,B,C rated)

$ 75.00

There a many different racing sanctions that require a fire extinguisher be mounted with in arms reach to the driver and some that just require one in the car for the emergency responders.

Whether you are racing or not, a fire extinguisher is a good tool to have, as any car has the ability to catch fire.

Being local to some of the NorthWest Hillclimb Association events, we like to help and make sure that everyone is ready to take on the hill.

This extinguisher meets the minimum requirements for NHA hillclimb rules. NHA and NASA (National Auto Sport Association) require it to be mounted in a location the driver can reach while still seat-belted in.

Notes: 2.5 lb bottle, Red, Dry Agent, Mounting bracket included. 9-15 ft. discharge range. Listed and rated 1A:10B:C by Underwriters Laboratories