Throttle Works closing year. December 23, 2016 15:15

We are closing down 2016 with one more week left. I wanted to take a moment to recap some of the things we've done and accomplished. 

The first major project we had at the beginning of the year was the "Throwing Fitz" Gm pickup. It was the first complete paint job we have done as Throttle Works and was a very big success. Dillon was able to to mix a custom one off color for our customer and the result was fantastic. The customer was ecstatic, and we couldn't be happier. It was a 1952 body on a Chevy S10 frame with a Tahoe 5.3 motor. Definitely one of our higher end classic pickup trucks.

The next notable project we have is the 56 Bel-Air. Another one that became a frame off restoration, but one that has been coming together beautifully. With everything, except for assembly of motor, done in-house, it's one we can appreciate. Dillon has done a good portion of the work, but we have all had a little to do with it here and there. A highlight to ths build is the msd-atomic ecu we used, with its self learning capabilities. Made for getting it started and going, very easy. Though we still have work left to do, it is becoming quite the car that we can't wait to see the final product.

We had the Firebird project in the shop for a while, but we chipped away at it when our client had a new idea. So, we had our last push on it in August to get it finished and functional. Our clients first pass down the 1/4 mile was a 11.72 at 121 mph! The team was happy, the owner was happy and there were high 5's all around! Definitely a great moment to share with the team, as its another successful project.

The Helena truck was one of those ones that we have been working on here and there, but none-the-less, completed. Well, with its purchase, came another order for the "Garden City" truck. These have come out looking great, the patina is on point to us and the customers are happy and excited with their looks. The customer that purchased the Helena truck wanted some upgrades from our standard offering, and got us a little excited because we managed to get our hands on one of the new Accuair Endo VT air tanks. this tank is pretty badass, makes for install a breeze and cleanliness. No extra valves that have to be mounted or accounted for. Helena is now setup on the Accuair E-level system, which has been a good system, so we were happy to install it.

The Garden City truck has come along with the purchase of the Helena truck, so as the sweet deal it is, we have another project coming into to 2017! Which is always exciting for us. It will follow our standard truck build sheets with a couple customer additions. Should be a fairly quick project, but just as any other customer, may want to add more things through the build process. Which is great for everyone!

Along with the major projects, always come with the smaller, or average day-to-day tasks. Which we have had plenty of them, from GTR's to a plethora of Corvettes, even to a few mini-vans. We have been pretty busy, and have gained that much more knowledge to better serve you and the community with anything you may have.


If you have read this whole article, I thank you. We look forward to serving you this coming year and building more badass cars!


-Throttle Works